Policies - General

Billing - Policy Adopted 11/25/1985


Billings will be mailed by the 1st of each month and shall be due by the 15th of each month. An account shall be considered delinquent when payment in full has not been received by the due date. Bills paid after the 15th shall be subject to a late payment penalty.

Sales Tax - Policy Adopted 11/25/1985

Sales Tax The current Minnesota sales tax shall be applied to all billings unless proof of exemption is provided to the Utility.

Penalties - Policy Adopted 10/11/1993

Penalties will be calculated and added to the monthly bills on the first scheduled business day after the 15th of the month. A 5% penalty will be charged on the current month's service balance if any amount is carried forward from previous months.   Sales tax amounts will be excluded from the calcuations.

Deposits - Policy Adopted 03/10/1997,10/12/2015

Applies To
New, exisiting and previous customers opening a new account will be required to assure payment of their account by either submitting a deposit or letter of credit.  An unacceptable credit history with BELW is defined as more than two delinquent notices or returned checks, and any service disconnects within the last 12 months on residential accounts and 24 months on commercial accounts.  the deposit amount will not exceed $225.  

Refunds With Interest
All deposits will accumulate interest. The deposit amount with interest will be refundable after the customer has established a 12 consecutive month history of paid billings; provided there are no more than three months with penalty charges or one disconnection or notice of disconnection during the twelve month billing period. Customer deposits are not transferable. BELW will refund the deposit to the person making the deposit only. If a customer moves from BELW service area before a 12 month good payment history is established, BELW will refund the deposit with interest after the final billing has been paid in full. All or a portion of any deposit can be applied to the final billing. By December 15 of each year, the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Commerce is required to announce the interest rate for the next year.

Deposits For Previously Unpaid Balances
A customer requesting service who previously had an unpaid balance must pay the unpaid balance plus an advance deposit and 1 months billing of the address customer is moving to. If the unpaid balance has been turned over to a collection agency, the customer must pay the unpaid balance plus an advance deposit and 2 months billing.

Landlord Responsibility for Deposits/Billing Transfers
It will be the responsibility of the landlord to instruct his/her renter(s) to appear at the BELW business office during regular hours to request service and pay any required customer deposits. The utility billings and the responsibility for payment will remain with the landlord until such time as the renter has paid his/her customer deposit in full or provided a letter of good credit, and transferred the billing into his/her name.

Disconnection - Policy revised 07/16/2018

The intent of this policy is to set forth a reasonable and systematic procedure for discontinuing a customer's utility service due to the delinquency of his/her account with the Blue Earth Board of Public Works. An account shall be considered delinquent when payment in full has not been received by the due date.

A shut off reminder shall be transmitted by first class mail within 15 days after the account has become delinquent.

If the customer fails to make arrangements for payment on or before the 15th of the month following the month the bill was due, service will be disconnected on the next scheduled business day.

BELW will charge a reconnection fee for any service that has been disconnected for delinquent payment.  Payments must be made in cash or by certified check directly to the BELW business office. Payments will not be accepted by employees disconnecting or reconnecting the service.

Disconnection Payment Plan
Any account that continually carries a balance forward will automatically be on the monthly disconnect list. A payment schedule must be made at the main office to avoid disconnection. At a minimum, the customer must pay his current bill each month plus 33% of his balance forward to avoid disconnection.

Customer/Bank requested Disconnect
Customers may request a service to be disconnected. BELW will allow short term disconnects (less than 5 days) to individual services for maintenance or repair without a reconnection fee. Long term service disconnects for vacated property or other similar situations will require the disconnection of both Electrical and Water Services, this will eliminate all monthly customer service charges. A reconnection fee will be necessary to complete the Electric and Water system service re connection. In regards to long term utility service disconnects if either water or electric utility is present, “all” utility service customer charges will apply.


A resolution setting forth the policy of the City of Blue Earth regarding the annexation of lands abutting the city and the provision of municipal
services to those annexed lands including the provision of electric service.

BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Blue Earth:

WHEREAS, the City of Blue Earth owns and operates municipal utilities in and about the City, including electric utility, and
WHEREAS, the City of Blue Earth continues to grow in population and area, and
WHEREAS, the City Council has incorporated through annexation the areas of growth around the City, and
WHEREAS, as annexation has occurred, the City Council has extended municipal services, including electric service, into the annexed areas, and
WHEREAS, the City Council is resolved to continue a policy of annexation of growth areas and the extension of municipal services, including electric service, into annexed areas.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That it is in the public interest for the City of Blue Earth to continue its policy of annexation of growth areas and extending municipal services, including electric service, to all areas within the City.



The Board of Public Works, the governing body for the Blue Earth Light & Water Department, wants to make sure that all employees, customers and/or the general public are safe and protected from injury or danger that could arise during the continued operation of this utility.