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Electric Rates

Residential Electric  
Rate Units
$0.1000  all kwh per kwh
Power Cost Adjustment PCA (determined monthly) per kwh
$10.2500  customer charge per month

Residential Electric - Off Peak dual fuel  
Rate Units
$0.0400 actual hourly marginal cost + $.01 per kwh
$-4.2500 customer charge per month

Commercial Electric  
Rate Units
$0.1040  all kwh per kwh
Power Cost Adjustment PCA (determined monthly) per kwh
$16.0000  customer charge per month

Industrial Electric  
Rate Units
Power Cost Adjustment PCA (determined monthly) per kwh
$0.0620  all kwh per kwh
$11.1000  monthly demand charge per max kw
$33.0000  customer charge per month

Industrial Electric - Demand Credit  
Rate Units
$11.1000  demand charge per kw
$0.0000  demand credit per kw
$0.0000  Power Cost Adjustment PCA ( determined monthly)  per kwh
$33.0000  customer charge per month

Street Lighting  
Rate Units
$0.1710  all kwh per kwh
$0.0000  Power Cost Adjustment PCA (determined monthly)  per kwh

Off Peak/Dual Fuel Electric Heating Rate

Blue Earth Light & Water (BELW) will offer an off peak electric heating rate at its monthly average Locational Margin Price (LMP) cost of power plus a fixed margin of $.01 per kilowatt hour (kwh). Off Peak hours are defined as 10:00 pm to
6:00 am. In no case will the electric rate charged to the customer fall below $.04/kwh. This incentive rate is seasonal in nature and will only apply from November through April.

This incentive rate is intended for residential customers who intend to add additional electrical heating load and have dual fuel capability. It is not intended for electric heat only customers or where significant new electrical load will not
be added. The customer must pay for the installation of a second meter to separately meter the power consumed under this rate schedule. A second meter service charge of $3.50 per month will apply. Power consumed outside of defined off peak hours will be charged at applicable residential rates. The customer is responsible for controlling the time of use to obtain the benefits on this incentive rate schedule.

BELW reserves the right to review each installation, and determine on a case by case basis whether the installation is in the best interest of the utility as a whole. In cases where infrastructure costs/upgrades exceed the value to the utility as a whole, BELW may elect to not offer this incentive rate, or make reasonable arrangements with the customer to offset the additional infrastructure/upgrade costs.